Iowa coach Fran McCaffery speaks about college basketball’s transfer issue

Photo: Bill Neibergall | Des Moines Register
Photo: Bill Neibergall | Des Moines Register

Every season, the number of transfers in college basketball is growing. Depending on your perspective, that could be a good or a bad thing, but it has been a big topic in college basketball the last few seasons.

Iowa head coach Fran McCaffery was asked about the issue Wednesday.

“I think most people would want an athlete to be able to play wherever they want to play within reason,” McCaffery said in a press conference. “Unfortunately, sometimes there is tampering involved, and in those cases I think most people would say if there is tampering involved they shouldn’t be allowed to move.”

The general rule for transfers is that they have to sit out a season when they change schools per NCAA regulations. But thanks to waivers granted by the NCAA, more and more often athletes have been able to play immediately without sitting out.

McCaffery said he wold like to see transfers have to sit out “across the board” with no exceptions.

One common exception is for fifth-year players who have already completed their undergraduate degrees. Players in such cases are eligible immediately.

“It’s the most ridiculous rule in sport and they should not be allowed to do that,” McCaffery said.

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