VIDEO: Did refs muff late out of bounds call in Loyola-Illinois State game?

Late in the second half of Saturday’s game between Loyola and Illinois State, the Ramblers appeared to force a turnover with fullcourt pressure. The officials initially called the ball out of bounds off Loyola guard Ben Richardson but then went to the monitor to review the play.

Although the television replay shows the pretty clearly that the ball goes out of bounds off the head of Illinois State guard Daishon Knight, the referees upheld their initial call, giving the Redbirds possession.

The call came at a key juncture as well. Loyola had just cut Illinois State’s 10-point lead to 65-60 with 18 seconds left.

What do you think, out of bounds off Loyola (in maroon) or Illinois State (in white)?

The television broadcast showed almost all of the official review, and the refs were seen using the camera angle pictured below, and a similar view except from the other side of the court. It appears at no point did the officials see the baseline camera angle from the television broadcast that gave the best view of the play.




Now, this play and call did not decide the game, which was a 67-60 loss for Loyola. Even if the referees overturned the call and gave possession to Loyola, the Ramblers would have been down 65-60 with 13 seconds left.

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