NCAA rules committee proposes changes to shot clock, timeouts and more

Following extensive meetings, the NCAA men’s basketball rules committee proposed several rules changes Friday, addressing several criticized aspects of the men’s game.

The first major proposal is to reduce the shot clock from 35 seconds to 30 seconds. College basketball has received backlash in recent seasons for a decline in scoring, and the hope is a 30-second shot clock would result in more, faster possessions and more points.

The committee also proposed a handful of rule changes regarding timeouts. Currently, each team gets five timeouts for a game and can take a maximum of four into the second half. The committee wants to reduce those numbers to four for a game, and no more than three for the second half.

Also to help scoring output, the committee proposed a few rules to help offenses. One proposed rule asks for stricter enforcement of already established defensive rules. Another requests giving offensive players “same principles of verticality protections as defensive players.”

The committee also requested the restricted area arc be moved out from the current three feet to four feet, making it more difficult for defenders to take charges.

Additionally, they proposed that team timeouts taken within 30 seconds of a media timeout will become the media timeout. The only exception would be for the first team timeout in the second half.

If passed, this rule change would help eliminate disengaging sequences such as a team timeout 7:55 left in a half followed immediately by a foul and an ensuing under-8 media timeout.

The final timeout-related proposals eliminate coaches calling live-ball timeouts and enforce “resumption of play” following timeouts and foul outs.

Lastly, the committee had a few miscellaneous proposals. The biggest of those are eliminating the five-second closely guarded violation and not resetting the backcourt for a 10-second violation following a timeout.

The final two proposals asked for hanging on the rim technicals to be reduced from two shots to one shot, and for officials to allow dunking in pregame warmups.

The Playing Rules Oversight Panel will decide whether to approve these changes when they meet June 8.

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