10 Best Barry Hinson quotes of the season

Photo: Eric Francis / Getty Images
Photo: Eric Francis / Getty Images

Southern Illinois coach Barry Hinson is a quote machine.

Hinson’s Salukis were eliminated today at the MVC Tournament, and unfortunately that means we will have to wait until the fall to hear what wonders this man has to say again.

That’s a long time to wait, so The Catch and Shoot compiled the 10 best Barry Hinson quotes, ranging from funny to passionate, from the 2014-15 season.


10. The Quote of the Night

Coming after the SIU lost 55-39 at the hands of Northern Iowa in January:

“My dad will tell me tonight when I call him, ‘Son, your team couldn’t hit a bull in the butt with a bass fiddle.’ That’s right. That’s the quote of the night.”

This quote would be higher if I had any idea what that meant.


9. Goobers and Knuckleheads

Following a MVC Tournament first round win against Missouri State:

“I was pretty impressed with our guys today. You’ve heard me all year long, I like our guys. I like them. They drive me nuts. They’re a bunch of goobers and knuckleheads, but they’re my guys.”

He also laid 25:1 odds that a Southern Illinois fan who said Wichita State was going to “run into a buzzsaw” against SIU in the quarterfinals was inebriated during this press conference.


8. Hinson the Teacher

Speaking in practice prior to a December matchup with Austin Peay:

“The games are the least fun to me. The most fun I have is getting to do what I do every day, go down on the practice floor and teach. I am not a coach, I am a teacher. I have said that a thousand times and I love teaching. Right now I love my classroom.”

Very old school, Larry Brown-esque approach to college hoops.


7. Do the Salukis need any help on the diamond?

Also after the Salukis’ loss at Northern Iowa:

“In the last two games (Deion’s) shot four sliders that didn’t even hit the backboard. I think he could play for the (St. Louis) Cardinals.”

Not exactly sure how you put that type of spin on a basketball shot, but Lavender seems to have straightened things out with 35.2 percent 3-point shooting in MVC play.


6. Hinson the Doctor

Speaking in practice prior to a Jan. 9 matchup with Indiana State:

“You’ve got everybody around you, your family, your co-workers, your co-employees. I don’t want to go into a doctor’s office and say ‘I’ve got the flu,’ and have everybody in the doctor’s office puts their head down like ‘Oh my gosh, we can’t help you.’ I don’t want to do that. Right now, we have shooter’s flu. There’s an epidemic going on in Southern Illinois that happens to be in our gym. I’ve thrown out a couple of antibiotics here over the last couple of days, and we’ll see if it works.”

There’s an epidemic going on in Southern Illinois, and the only prescription is more cowbell!


saluki-puppies-for-sale-52277859d66cb5. PUPPIES!!

Hinson on his young team entering a November tournament:

“I said the other day and I don’t mean it in a negative way, we are not a dog yet, we are puppies. We have to grow and we have to continue to grow. We are the puppy dog Salukis. We have to get better.”

Simply adorable.


4. How’s the brisket in Carbondale?

Hinson during the preseason on prospects for the 2014-15 season:

“This is my 34th year [coaching] and I am really excited with what I see. Then again, I get excited over a piece of brisket.”


3. Cedar Falls wind chill

One more from the January defeat to Northern Iowa, when SIU shot 13-of-44 (29.5 percent) from the field:

“Our goal tonight was to shoot a better percentage than the temperature at Cedar Falls, Iowa. We achieved that barely, and that’s not including the wind chill.”


2. Baptists don’t have rhythm

Commenting on Wichita State guard Tekele Cotton’s defensive ability after a January loss to the Shockers:

“[Cotton] reminds me of a southern Baptist at a dance contest. There’s just no rhythm at all. He just takes away all rhythm that you have.”

Let’s just say this — I would love to be at a dance contest with Barry Hinson.

And while we’re on the topic of baptists, here’s an honorable mention from SIU’s comeback win Jan. 18 against Loyola:

“It was kind of like being at a Baptist church sermon — boring for 75 percent and the last 25 percent is pretty exciting.”


Photo: Steve Matzker / thesouthern.com
Photo: Steve Matzker / thesouthern.com

1. Hinson the Motivator

Speaking in practice prior to a Jan. 9 matchup with Indiana State:

“I think there’s two ways to look at this: you can get up in the morning and you can decide that you want to buck up and bow your neck and get after it, or you can just quit. I met with them yesterday and I said `I just got my announcement in the mail. Did anybody else get theirs? The pity party’s been cancelled.’ That was the message to our guys. I’ve said this and I’m going to say this again: I stand by these kids. They’re good enough. This is not a talent issue. This is a 7-inch issue, this is an issue between their ears. Some of them have bigger heads, so maybe 7 or 8 inches but it’s between their ears. It’s not a strategic deal, it’s not anything other than that they need a little bit of confidence.”

As funny as Hinson can be, he’s also a super passionate fellow who loves to motivate his players.

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